We like to say that Quest of the Keys is a new kind of character education. While there are many wonderful character education programs and curricula out there, there are a few things that set us apart from the others.

Quest of the Keys is interactive

Quest of the Keys is based on our acclaimed fantasy fiction novel that uses inspirational messages to powerfully illustrate positive character in action. The story highlights “hero” role models, examines how their actions demonstrate Positive Character Traits, invites participants to consider the impact of the actions on the hero and those interactive activities put the lessons into practice.

Character traits are examined, discussed and applied through carefully designed guided group discussions, individual and group activities, and thought-provoking writing projects.

Quest of the Keys is relevant

In addition to the novel we have also incorporated popular technological and multimedia aspects to further engage and demonstrate Positive Character Traits.

When writing Quest of the Keys, author Scotty Sanders began by researching ideas that would most resonate with today’s youth. As a result of this research he formed the idea for a fantasy fiction novel, a popular genre for young adult literature.

In addition, we have incorporated our weekly email series, Letters from Leonesse, video shorts, and a forthcoming Quest of the Keys app. This allows students to take their experience beyond the classroom and encourages further thought and opportunities for application to their daily lives.

Quest of the Keys is a turn-key solution

We don’t just provide resources and ideas for you, we provide everything you need to implement a character education curriculum including a full Educator Toolkit, novel and workbook for each student and all of our supplemental resources.

Quest of the Keys provides educator training

As part of the Quest of the Keys  program, we include educator training. Each educator involved can attend the training, ask questions and be fully prepared to implement the Quest of the Keys character education curriculum with their students.

Quest of the Keys assists with funding

Our goal is to provide Quest of the Keys to any school that wishes to use our character education curriculum. We understand that many schools have limited financial resources and, as a result, provide several options for funding Quest of the Keys for your school.

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