Involving your students in planning your fundraiser will not only create excitement and buy-in from your students, it will also allow them to utilize their talents, learn something new and provides you with even more early adopters.

Approach student clubs

Every school has those extra creative and talented students that love a good extracurricular project. Involving groups like yearbook staff, A/V Club, art students or the school paper can give those students an extra outlet for their creativity and get them involved early in process.

Involving students in making a video, creating artwork or using their technological skills are great ways to get your students excited.

Writing assignments

To create your campaign copy and materials, get your students involved with writing assignments around exhibiting good character, bullying or another subject that will be addressed by a character education curriculum and resonates with your students.

You can then use their ideas as real examples of the need for a character education curriculum and as inspiration for your online campaign materials.

Looks good on college applications

If you’re working with high school students especially, taking part in the planning of your fundraising campaign is a fantastic learning experience and addition to college applications.

There are unlimited opportunities for students to learn a new skill and pursue an area that interests them. Writing assignments, art projects, technology  and marketing are just a few areas to get students involved.

Student assembly

When you’re ready to roll out your fundraising effort, have a student assembly to talk about the issues your school is facing and what you envision your students gaining from Quest of the Keys.

Introduce them to the idea, talk about what their roll will be and give them the opportunity to ask questions.

Incentivize with competition

Work with a local sponsor to provide incentives for your students as they reach goals. Things like ice cream or a pizza party are fun and effective motivators for your students.

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