Finding a local corporate sponsor for your fundraiser can be a great way to get your community involved with your effort. Partnerships can be used in a variety of ways, from receiving extra funds toward your goal to soliciting professional services to help make your campaign top notch.

Partner with local business to get a percentage of sales for a day

Many retail stores and restaurants give back to their community by donating a percentage of sales on specific days to local causes. Reach out to establishments in your area to inquire about taking part in one of these events. In return, be prepared with a plan to promote the day and help drive customers to their business and thank them publicly.

Direct sponsorship

Larger companies usually have a budget set aside each year for philanthropic efforts and marketing. Research companies in your area and approach them with the idea of donating directly to your cause or using the opportunity to advertise their services while supporting your campaign.

Matching donations

Occasionally businesses will have money set aside that they are prepared to donate a cause. If you find that this is the case, consider partnering with them for a period during your fundraiser to receive a matching donation from them. Again, be prepared with a plan to promote their matching gift and thank them in a meaningful way.

Incentivize students with prize for meeting goal

Another way to get local businesses involved is to partner for student incentives. Especially if you’re running a peer-to-peer campaign and have competing groups of students, partnering with a business to provide prizes to students who reach a certain goal can beneficial for everyone involved.

In-kind services

If you find yourself in need of help planning your campaign, creating materials such as flyers or a video or any other needs you encounter along the way, consider approaching a local firm for in-kind donations of services. Many professionals are happy to donate their services and time for a good cause.

For more help with approaching corporate sponsors visit to download the Nonprofit Guide to Pitching Corporate Sponsors

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