Dr. Timothy Boswell, Ph.D.

Lead Story Consultant

Dr. Timothy Boswell, Ph.D.Dr. Boswell served as a story consultant for plot and character development, drawing on a professional background in writing and editing. He holds a master’s degree in creative writing and a Ph.D. in English, specializing in fiction, and in the past has worked as Managing Editor for American Literary Review. He currently acts as Administrative Editor for the scholarly journal Studies in the Novel, teaches writing and literature at the University of North Texas, and also works as a freelance book editor, helping authors and stories reach their full potential. He lives in Lewisville, Texas with his wife and son.


Addy Lynam

Addy LynamAddy serves as a story consultant to the authors, and creative consultant to the marketing team, advising both from the perspective of the teenage / young-adult target market. Addy is also an aspiring writer who has fought through the challenges of dyslexia her entire life. When labeled as ‘special needs’ in grade school, her parents immediately turned to the flexibility of homeschooling and Addy began to flourish. Ms. Lynam has penned several short stories and a growing body of poetry, gaining critical praise for work that is both insightful and imaginative. Inspired by the process of assisting with Quest of the Keys, Addy is now working on her own fiction novel.


Cheryl Wicker

Cheryl WickerCheryl Ariaz Wicker is the owner of Premier1 Studios, an entertainment media and marketing company offering branding, publicity and social media services with a specialty in faith-based movies and books. Wicker is also an award-winning producer, most recently producing the feature “Flag of My Father” starring John Schneider, GiGi Erneta and William Devane. She is also nationally known as a media personality, producing and hosting the video podcast Christian Movie Connect, writing for as the Christian Movies Examiner, and contributing to a number of other publications including Sonoma Christian Home, Christian Cinema and Christian Film Database.


Paul Eckhardt

Paul Eckhardt is an award winning film maker, and . He also works with nearly every 3D design package including Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave and Blender. His talents range from prosthetic makeup to Stereo 3D cinematography, and plans to use them all to bring exciting films to theaters near you.


Additional Contributors

Daryl Wolgemuth – Music Score