“Quest of the Keys” began from my passion to encourage and empower the next generation to live well. Providing them knowledge to be successful is vital. Because the next generation is “story” driven, they tend to search for a cause in which to believe.


So began the “Quest.” Through the keys, character development qualities are delivered in an engaging way for young adults. I wrote this story to appeal to the next generation. In fact, one of the writing team members is a nineteen year old female.

My idea is to use this book as a teaching tool. I believe a focal point in our education system should be personal development. That is why I am excited about the prospect of educators incorporating “Quest of the Keys” into the curriculum. By doing so, the curriculum will promote personal growth, continuous learning, responsibility, leadership development, integrity, honor and clear purpose.

My goal is to see people grow in character and leadership. There is tremendous satisfaction in forgetting yourself and focusing on the success of others. It is my desire that the readers of “Quest of the Keys” will find it worthwhile, entertaining, and enlightening.