In my Hacking Your Life ebook, I discuss my 6 life hacks to help you be more productive and reach your goals.

While planning and setting priorities are essential to success, it’s all moot if you’re allowing yourself to be distracted.

Distractions are robbing you blind and you do not recognize the danger. Focus has never been more important—yet more difficult to do. Think about all the ways you are being attacked by distractions, both at home and school. Everything from friends calling, to favorite TV shows or video games, to that cute guy or girl that sits two desks ahead of you in English class. If you want to stop being robbed, you must learn this skill.

The #1 skill is learning to control your attention!

Over the years I have trained many leaders and I noticed they are busy being busy. In reality, they are underachieving. Each of you has so much potential! The sad truth is most people do not realize their potential because of distraction.

How can you stop being robbed by distraction?

  1. Create a “Cone of Silence”
  2. Prepare a clean, uncluttered space to accomplish a task (close the blinds, send siblings to another room, and turn off the TV, radio and cell phone)
  3. Stick to a task until it is complete
  4. Push distracting thoughts out of your head by reminding yourself what you are supposed to be doing
  5. Take a short break for a few minutes if you are having difficulty focusing

Learn more about how you can use this strategy to start Hacking Your Life.

Write it, live it.

Scotty Sanders