Octavius of Leonesse

Octavius of Leonesse

Octavius – who’s name means “visionary” – was the protege of Maximus, the most famous Elder of Leonesse. Octavius is the present Elder of Leonesse, known far and wide for his wisdom, discipline and unquenchable desire to learn. He is a widower, once married to the love of his life, Cristiona, who died after a lengthy illness. Through Octavius’ leadership, Leonesse has thrived, even as the realm darkens under the the growing influence of Talmon.


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December 22, 2015

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The Quest of the Keys is before you - will you accept the challenge? This is a story like no other - filled with adventure, intrigue, and redemption, it presents life-guiding priciples and character development lessons in a popular fantasy-fiction format that students are immediately drawn into. Download the first chapter now!

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