Talmon of Arygros

Talmon of Arygros

Talmon – who’s name means “oppressed” – has a past shrouded in mystery, but intertwined with Leonesse and Octavius. Talmon has risen to be the powerbroker of Arygros and corrupt ruler of the Minca Silver Mines. Whether by fear or indebtedness, many are subject to his rule, and none openly challenge his power and malice. Once content with wealth and power, there are now whispers of deeper and darker purposes at work in the mines under his control.


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April 29, 2015

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The Quest of the Keys is before you - will you accept the challenge? This is a story like no other - filled with adventure, intrigue, and redemption, it presents life-guiding priciples and character development lessons in a popular fantasy-fiction format that students are immediately drawn into. Download the first chapter now!

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