In my last video, Life Hack #5: Priorities, I talked about how setting priorities each day helps you filter out “static” and stay on course to achieve your goals.

At the beginning of each day ask yourself this: If I absolutely knew I could accomplish three important tasks today, what would they be?

Set your top 3 priorities at the beginning of each day.

I call this the win, because this is how you win in life.

Your priorities will change every day. These are the things that, at the end of the day, you can look back and say that you accomplished something meaningful that helps you live your passion and purpose.

Write these down every morning, then focus your energy and time on these 3 things.

Remember that prioritizing is asking, “What’s Important Now?” A better way to look at it:




Asking this question can help you WIN in life. Many years ago, I learned a valuable lesson; schedule your priorities. It is important to note that you have all the time you need to do what is important to you. If learning/improving is important, make time to read a book. If someone is important to you, spend time with them.

However, to do what is important, you must mitigate distractions. A recent Harvard study found in 46.9 % of a person’s day; their mind is wanders because of distractions.

Did you know I can tell what’s important to you with two pieces of information? How? By seeing your calendar and your wallet, I can see where you spend your money and your time. By the way, where you spend your time is more important than where you spend your money. Why? You can make more money, but can’t make more time.

Next, learn about Life Hack #6: Grateful.

Write it, live it.

Scotty Sanders