I wrote the Hacking Your Life ebook based on a program that I have teaching to corporate leaders for many years. 

Training and coaching others for personal growth is my passion and my calling. Over the past 30 years I’ve trained thousands of people all over the world. In my career I’ve coached senior management of Fortune 500 companies, military officers, and executive leaders on six continents.

A few years ago I created a video of my corporate personal development training called The 8 Keys to Success. In talking to a friend about the training, we realized that the concepts in the training went far beyond the boardroom or corner office. These were critical life skills that could benefit anyone.

I knew I needed to turn this training into a tool that would help me live my purpose and passion. Reaching only the corporate world just wasn’t enough.

The question then became how to reinterpret this training for the non-corporate world?

From this calling, my passion, and my purpose came Quest of the Keys. It started as a personal development system for youth, and has now been expanded to reach adults as well.

I’m often asked why I created Quest of the Keys. My answer: Every person can change their world.

Your world is directly affected by how you think and how you act. Successful people act differently than unsuccessful people. Science and history have proven this to be true again and again.

Despite your personal circumstances, challenges, or disadvantages, if you begin to change your thoughts and actions, you begin to change your world.

But to be successful you need the right set of personal development tools, like the Quest of the Keys Personal Development System.

With a comprehensive workbook and 10 powerful, content rich videos, my personal development system will show you how to implement the strategies in Hacking Your Life and achieve the success that you dream of.

The best investment I ever made was an investment in myself. I want to strongly encourage you to do the same.

Invest in yourself and change your world.

Write it, live it.

Scotty Sanders