After suffering a tragic loss, Decklen turned his back on everything he loved and set out to find himself in the world. Like so many before, Decklen found solace in the pleasures and promises of Arygros. But the pleasures cost all he had, and the promises soon faded into a never ending con game. Trapped for years in the blackness of the nearby silver mines, Decklen at last risks a daring escape accompanied by a young and impetuous companion. Now torn between overwhelming regret and impossible hope, he sets out in search of the path he abandoned so long ago.


Camberly, or Cam to those who are close to her, is a fiesty 10 year old with a personality to match her fiery red locks. Impetuous, rambunctious, and fearless, Cam also escaped the mines, but at a terrible cost. Furious and determined to return for what she left behind, all her hopes depend on a new friend and a strange quest she doesn’t understand.


As the elder of Leonesse, Octavius is known far and wide for his wisdom, discipline, and unquenchable desire to learn. By his leadership, the city and surrounding realm has thrived despite the growing shadow of oppression. Despite a lifetime of pain and betrayal, and the growing shadow to the east, he holds firm to secret truths that feed an eternal hope deep within his heart.


Nicole has turned a complex past into a passion for complexities. Her unique talent for crafting puzzles, gadgets, and machines of amazing intricacy and purpose is valued throughout the realm. Years ago, Nicole’s family was devastated by death and abandonment. Her temperamental nature betrays a deeply emotional heart that still longs for healing and restoration – even against all hope.


Liam is a longtime friend, confidant and adviser to Octavius. He is the caretaker of Kingsley Hall and is very loyal to Octavius—much like a family member. He works with Octavius to make sure the city of Leonesse runs well.


Cecadian is known for being a fierce warrior, a great military leader and commander of the Rainios Military Base. He and Octavius have been friends for many years and Octavius treats him as a younger brother.


The realm’s champion for hand-to-hand combat, Marcus’ physical ability and military skills are known and revered by all, though his good-natured presence can be deceptive, as he clearly knows more than he lets on.


Found as a boy, clinging to life after his parents were slain by giant wolves, Hadrien was raised as a ruthless and powerful warrior. Now foreman of the Minca Silver Mines, Hadrien lures desperate lives into service in the mines and brutally enforces the will of his master Talmon, to whom he owes his life.


Through a past shrouded in mystery, Talmon has risen to be the powerbroker of Arygros and corrupt ruler of the Minca Silver Mines. Whether by fear or indebtedness, many are subject to his rule, and none openly challenge his power and malice. Once content with wealth and power, there are now whispers of deeper and darker purposes at work in the mines.